Lighting and Daylighting Design
Getting smart about lighting is an important step to designing energy efficient buildings. Learn how to use daylighting, efficient lights, and good controls to both reduce energy demands and make people happier and more productive.
The sun is predictable and daylight can be a very reliable source of light. Sunlight, views, and daylight are different though, and need to be carefully managed.
Daylighting, or using sunlight to illuminate your building, is an effective way to both decrease your building’s energy use and make the interior environment more comfortable  for people. 
In commercial buildings, electric lighting accounts for 35 - 50% of total electrical energy consumption. Strategic use  of daylight can reduce this energy demand.  Daylight also improves people's comfort and productivity.
Even when you can’t use daylighting, good lighting design can reduce energy use significantly. Both are important in Net Zero Energy Buildings.