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7 Tactics for Meeting the Architecture 2030 Challenge and Beyond

As the impacts of global climate change escalate, forward-thinking architecture firms have committed to being part of the solution.

5 Ways to Design for Climate Change

So many of the design decisions made every day have a climate implication; each one can help promote a low-carbon future that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels.

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Many of the most successful enterprise companies consider it a duty that helps the planet and the bottom line.

What Business Want Trump to Know About Climate Change

Nearly 400 companies and non profits signed a letter to express support for the Paris climate agreement.  Read more on who said what, including Autodesk.

Adapting to climate change will likely be part of your future daily routine

September 2016

As the global population increases from 7 billion to 10 billion within the next 35 years, demands on natural resources and infrastructure will be higher than ever before.

Spring 2016 – Cradle to Cradle Winners Announced!

June 2016

OLI – Food Composter - Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute has announced the winners of their third Product Design Challenge.

Autodesk Sustainability Report 2016

September 2016

Climate change is the greatest design challenge humankind has ever faced and is therefore a critical concern for our customers and a core focus of our business.

Using Cradle to Cradle to Eliminate the Concept of Waste

January 2016

The winners of the bi-annual Product Design Challenge seek out new ways for design to fuel the circular economy.

How entrepreneurs can make the most of this new climate of ‘investing’ and innovating to make the world a better place

December 2015

Climate change cannot be solved by one country or government alone. It is a systemic challenge that requires creativity, imagination and innovation across the private and government sector and the public at large.

Learning by Making

10th December 2015

Tools such as intuitive CAD software and 3D printing are making education exciting and fun. Autodesk Fusion 360 allows for easy modeling, printing, testing and tinkering of ideas.