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Learning by Making

10th December 2015

Tools such as intuitive CAD software and 3D printing are making education exciting and fun. Autodesk Fusion 360 allows for easy modeling, printing, testing and tinkering of ideas.

This Crazy (And Brilliant) Foldable Bike Helmet Is Made from Mushrooms

November 2015

Get a custom geodesic dome moulded exactly to the shape of your skull!  Read more here

Greenbuild 2015

18-20 November 2015

Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. Check out the schedule of events for Autodesk. 

Sustainable products beyond cardboard and bamboo Webinar

18th November 2015

Many people still have the idea that green products mean just using bamboo and recycled materials.

Bringing STEM skills to life

October 2015

The combination of technology and focused events can help bring STEM skills to life for the next generation, reflects Autodesk Education's Mike Westlake.

The Green Dream of the Small Power Station - Visit to Solar Power Station at San Xing Kou School

October 2015

Since the launch in China on January 2015, Autodesk Cleantech Partner Program has attracted massive application and involvement from Chinese start-up companies.

Big tech firms, food companies commit to White House climate change pledge

October 2015

The White House seems to have hit a tipping point in terms of convincing corporate America to lower carbon emissions.

Why I’m investing $1 billion of my own money into clean energy research – Bill Gates

August 2015

I plan to invest $1 billion in clean energy technology over the next five years.

Doing Away with Dirty Diesel

July 2015

Pollution is a problem and one of the main culprits in urban environment is the bus. Cleaner buses are therefore important and one company has developed a hybrid solution that could clean up dirty diesels.