About Us

Autodesk® Sustainability Workshop offers free online resources that teach the principles and practice of sustainability in engineering and design.  This site was created to help educators teach and students and professionals learn the broader context and importance of sustainability in engineering and architecture.  The videos and tutorials aim to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn sustainability strategies that can be incorporated into the design process.  Our goal - develop sophisticated, yet easy-to-use learning tools that will be used, for free, to create a more sustainable world.


About the Creators

Autodesk® Sustainability Workshop was created collaboratively by a team of people who strongly believe in the power of education as a means to create meaningful change. With a mission to make learning about sustainability in design and engineering easy, accessible and free to educators and students, the team listed below developed this site.

Dawn Danby  Dawn Danby’s design projects have ranged from a tree-covered pedestrian bridge to closed-loop manufacturing strategies and furniture design.  Recognized by Fast Company in 2009 as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business, Dawn has an industrial design degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MBA from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

Adam Menter  Adam Menter, a learning strategy program manager at Autodesk, helps coordinate and lead the company-wide online learning strategy for Autodesk’s customers.  He works with groups throughout the company to create improved learning experiences that empower engineers, architects, artists, and designers worldwide to do better design work with Autodesk tools.  Prior to this role, Adam managed Autodesk’s learning programs for sustainable engineering and design.  He has worked as a design strategist at Jump Associates, is a LEED accredited professional, and has taught a course on net zero energy building design at the University of California–Berkeley.

Jer Faludi  Jeremy Faludi (LEED AP BD+C) has been a sustainable design strategist and educator for over fifteen years, including teaching at Stanford, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, California College of the Arts, and elsewhere.  He has contributed to six books on sustainability, including Worldchanging: A User's Guide to the 21st Century.  Jeremy designed the prototype of AskNature.org for the Biomimicry Institute, a bicycle he helped design appeared in the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt national design museum, and he has consulted for the OECD on the environmental impacts of 3D printing.  He also researches how sustainable design methods can be innovation tools for industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Autodesk’s interest in Sustainable Design?

Autodesk products help to shape much of the built world—from buildings, roads, utilities, and entire cities, to cars, electronics, packaging, and shoes. Our vision is to help those who create the built world—architects, designers, and engineers—by making sustainable design easier and more accessible, with better tools, and better information.

For more information about what Autodesk is doing more broadly around sustainable design, please visit www.autodesk.com/sustainabledesign.

Why did we create Autodesk Sustainability Workshop?

The Sustainability Workshop was created to fill a gap. We learned that there is a greater need, in both industry and curricula, for education in sustainable design practices.

Students and young professionals are paving the way to new design and engineering practice, solving 21st century problems with clean technologies and new approaches to engineering and design.

Sustainability Workshop is intended to make it easy and accessible for all to learn the broader context of how to use sustainability in their profession, and enable them to develop strategies to incorporate sustainability considerations into their designs and design process

Who is this site for?

Professionals, post-secondary students and educators in design and engineering.

What will I find on the Sustainability Workshop?

The Sustainability Workshop offers:

  • Concepts that convey the principles of sustainable design through videos and presentations
  • Tutorials that show you how to put those concepts into practice, using Autodesk tools
  • Case studies, Data sets, and other resources that provide more depth, examples, and context.
  • Courses designed to help develop the skills and knowledge that can serve as a foundation for deeper application on projects.

We’ve structured the site so that you can use these resources to teach yourself about sustainable design concepts. Information is categorized based on broad sustainable design subject areas.

Contact Us and Get Involved! 

If you’re working on advancing the practice of sustainable design, we’d love to highlight your work on the Sustainability Workshop!  We’re also interested in your comments, suggestions for resources, questions, and feedback.  If you’d like to get in touch, please email ecoworkshop@autodesk.com.  

How can I access Autodesk software?

Working through some of the tutorials on this site will require Autodesk software.

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Students & Educators
Educational licenses with network and cloud-based options enable you to learn almost anytime, anywhere with a team, as part of a class, or on your own. Download free software here.  For support, please visit http://www.autodesk.com/education/support