Curriculum Mapping

Sustainability should be integrated throughout the engineering and design curriculum. Here’s an at-a-glance guide for how to most appropriately use Sustainability Workshop content within your courses in the following disciplines:

Mechanical Engineering

ABET requires engineering programs to include sustainability, environment, social issues, and health as realistic design constraints within curriculum.


Sustainability Workshop Content

Design Process and Methods







Mechanics of Materials

Heat Transfer


Fluid Mechanics 


Manufacturing and Materials

Building Science

Engineering Ethics

Discuss environmental challenges.
Discuss engineers' role in addressing them. For example, can show Improving Product Lifetime intro video. 


Industrial Design


Sustainability Workshop Content

Design Studios, such as:
Consumer Product Design
Toy Design
Exhibit Design
Equipment Design
Systems Design
Sustainable Product Design

Materials & Processes

Environmental Properties of Materials

Physical Properties of Materials

Eco-Materials Adviser and Granta Design

Design and Manufacturing

Model Making and Prototyping

CAD Modeling



Directing business school students to the building and product design concepts and showing them some of the introductory videos will give them a sensitivity to the issues and a common language to talk with their engineering and design colleagues.

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