Secondary Education

Videos on Sustainable Design Concepts

This site includes quick videos that are useful for introducing a variety of sustainable design topics in a fun and interesting way.

The topics that can be explored range from lightweighting to reducing friction and green materials selection, among many others. Take a look at a quick example of how some of our videos might be right for your class:




Hands-On Lesson Plans

In addition, we have compiled some quick lesson plans that are aligned with the Common Core Standards to help you quickly plug sustainable design concepts into your existing curriculum.
  • A Lesson in StrengthBuild a table to learn about stregth of objects, lightweighting, materials concepts, and more
  • Understanding Solar PositionDesign a garden using free software to learn about solar paths and biological needs of plants

These are not simply busywork, rather, they are designed to get students excited about completing projects that are interesting and have tangible results.  The goal is that the students’ interest will organically drive their learning, leading to an engaged and prepared class.

Other Resources Available

Access more project based learning resources on the Autodesk Design Academy, and see how you can apply these sustainable design concepts to those projects.


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