Building Performance Analysis Course

What is it?

The Building Performance Analysis Course (BPAC) Program is a free, online, and self-paced, educational resource. BPAC uses the latest Autodesk building performance design software tools, integrating performance feedback directly into the design process. It is made up of a series of online courses and exercises, supported by fundamental knowledge and reference materials.


Note: Starting December 15th 2017, we retired the Building Performance Analysis Certificate Course. We are not able to deliver the certificate nor report your credits to AIA anymore. If you wish to access the content, please click the bottom below.

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Who is it for?

BPAC is designed for architects and engineers who want to learn how to incorporate high performance building design into their workflows with Autodesk tools.


What’s Covered?

Autodesk BPA Course Program is comprised of 7 modules.

1. Introduction: Building Performance Analysis 
2. Energy Literacy & Building Loads
3. Climate & Weather Analysis
4. Solar Measurements & Strategies
5. Wind & Airflow Strategies
6. Daylighting Strategies & Analysis
7. Whole Building Energy Optimization
Software Covered: Revit, Autodesk Insight, Autodesk FormIt and FormIt Pro


Why Complete?

Improve your career prospects - According to the AIA 56% of architecture firms are having difficulty finding employees with building sustainability and performance design skills. They want people who can design a truly energy efficient, high-performance building and understand how to use the latest software tools to do so.  

Current expectations are for design professionals to produce energy efficient buildings - No longer is it a specialty service. Professionals need to be proficient in energy efficient design to maintain competitiveness and relevancy in the market place.

Maintain competitiveness and relevancy in the market place - No longer is building performance and sustainability a specialty service. Building performance is expected to be delivered as part of design services to win new business and meet customer demands.

Leverage the power of design to help address climate change - According to the AIA “Dramatically reducing GHG emissions is the key to addressing climate change and keeping global average temperature rise well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Building sector professionals must change the way buildings are designed and constructed.”  

Help achieve 2030 energy reduction targets - The AIA has adopted the 2030 guidelines for building performance improvements. Learn how Insight within BPAC Program can help you hit the 2030 Commitment targets


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“A valuable resource for anyone, from novice to expert, interested in incorporating passive strategies at the early stages of design. Curriculum of this scope and calibre should be taught in all design schools.” Amy Patel, Associate & Sustainable Design Leader, HOK

What a few Professional Architects have said upon completion of BPAC

“I really think this information is important for building professionals and students to learn”

“The course was great, and the way it allows me to work according to my time schedule made it easier for me to keep up”

“I've learned a lot about passive design strategies and hope to implement gained knowledge in the future work”

“As an Architect BPAC really improve my knowledge”

“This course was really enjoyable and I learned a lot. It builds upon what I learned in graduate school and will greatly help me in my preparation for the LEED AP exam. I laugh too because it reminds me how much more that I have to learn about sustainable design and buildings”

“I am very grateful to Autodesk for creating BPAC. Throughout, I kept thinking "wow! you guys really want people to learn this stuff!" and it just strengthened my resolve and excitement about this line of design! Thanks everyone who was part of creating this! We need more of you guys!”

Further testimonials can be found here.


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What could completing Autodesk BPA Course do for you?