Shading & Redirecting Sunlight

Shading is an important set of strategies for visual comfort and thermal comfort.  As such, successful shading is measured by the overall success of visual and thermal comfort.

Shading strategies include overhangs, louvers, and vertical fins.  Light redirection strategies include light shelves and baffles.  All of these strategies can be external to the building or internal, and can be fixed-position or adjustable.  Some elements both shade and redirect light at the same time.  Both thermal comfort and visual comfort should be considered simultaneously when designing these elements, as they affect both.

Shades can keep the heat and glare of direct sun from coming through windows, while still allowing diffuse light and views to enter. They can also keep direct sunlight off of walls or roofs, to reduce cooling loads.  Interior shades do not block solar heat gain, but can block glare and even-out light distribution.

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