Basic workflow with conceptual models


Let’s explore the basic of using Insight and the workflow you will be using in most models and cases.

Generate an insight means performing an energy analysis on your model. The basic workflow presented in this video can be applied to all models but you’ll need to adapt and add to it to fit your model complexity and needs. The next videos will help you customize your analysis. But first, let’s review the basic workflow to generate an Insight.

Workflow Steps:

  • Click on the Analyze tab.
  • Then click on Location. Before performing energy optimization of the building model, specify its geographic location. Set the location in One Market St, San Francisco.  
  • This icon is to “create energy model.”
  • The energy model( is a special form of your Revit model’s geometry, which is used for the Insight Analysis. Click on Create the Energy Model.  
  • Click on the energy setting icon – Insight comes with a robust set of default parameters, so it’s not necessary to change anything in the energy setting at this stage. We’ll cover these parameters in a later video.  
  • Click then on ‘Generate’: it generates the Insight of the energy model. By clicking on it, it opens a pop-up window asking you to use your existing energy model or to create a new one. As you just created an energy model and didn’t modify your model in Revit, you should just click on “use existing energy model”.  
  • Another window pops up when the process is complete, you are now ready to generate Insight – click OK. You also get an email confirmation that your model is received and another one when your analysis is complete and ready for study.  
  • To access the results of the simulation:
    • Click on the “Optimize” icon in Revit; 
    • You can also click the link in the Analysis Complete email
    • or Go to, and sign in with your Autodesk account, click on Insights, click on All Uncategorized; and click on your model.