Revit is Autodesk’s flagship BIM product. It is a full-featured parametric building information modeling platform for use throughout the design process. It has tools for architectural design, MEP design, and structural design.

When to use Revit

  • Model conceptual designs, and do early energy analysis
  • Model detailed design, including specification of building elements (walls, doors, windows, curtain walls).
  • MEP design (pipe & duct layout)
  • Lighting layout
  • Documentation & detailing using typical views - plans, elevations, and sections.

Sustainable Design Functionality

  • Export geometry into analysis packages like Ecotect or Green Building Studio using the gbXML file format.
  • Conceptual energy analysis (within Conceptual Design Environment)
  • Simulate and visualize lighting (qualitatively)
  • HVAC load calculations
  • Thermal properties of constructions. (But not specific thermal analysis within the tool).
  • Track key quantities and eco-metrics in schedules (for example, the percentage of recycled materials in the project).