Parametric Optimization: Formula SAE Wheel

This tutorial demonstrates how to use parametric optimization capabilities of Autodesk Inventor to reduce the mass of a formula SAE wheel hub.

Review the wheel hub design and see an overview of the parametric optimization techniques in Autodesk Inventor used to reduce its mass.

The first step is to create a simulation in the Stress Analysis Environment and apply the loads and constraints that the part will experience during use.

Learn how to use Inventor's parametric optimization capabilities to design a lightweight SAE formula car wheel hub that follows lines of force and avoids stress.

Autodesk Inventor Datasets

WheelDatasetOU Car

Download the Autodesk Inventor dataset for the wheel assembly from the wheel assembly of the Oklahoma University Sooner Racing Team's Formula SAE car (metric units), or the design files for their entire car.

Step-by-Step Exercise Document

Wheel Tutorial

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