Design Accelerators

Design Accelerators make it easy to for engineers to create standard geometry for components like shafts, fasteners, sheet metal, gears, splines, belts, pulleys, and bolted connections. They allow you to optimize these components based on their functional requirements and design parameters like speed, power and material properties. There are more than 20 intelligent Design Accelerators in Inventor.

Design Accelerators

By using design accelerators, you can focus on the function that your design needs to serve, instead of spending unnecessary time modeling operations. 

Design accelerators are based on the geometry of standardized parts and calculations to meet your design’s geometry or loading or requirements. Autodesk Inventor’s content center contains over 1.1 million standard parts that form the basis of many of these calculations.

Design accelerators also increase standardization because you can easily select the same components for the same tasks (i.e. fasteners). Standardized components are also more likely to be available and affordable.