Lightweighting with Shape Optimization

The most common difficulty with part optimization and lightweighting is knowing where and how to remove material without compromising performance. Typically, engineers and designers have to update and analyze a part multiple times before concluding on a final, optimal design.

Topology (or Shape) Optimization in Autodesk Fusion 360 allows you to quickly simulate an improved model based on a given load and constraints. Fusion 360 uses the Load Path Criticality metric to analyze which specific areas of material support the load applied. The simulation the generates an updated version of the part by eliminating material from those less critical areas. Although the simulation does not necessarily provide you with a perfect model ready for manufacture, it informs how you can continue to update and remove excess material from your design.

This video demonstrates the Shape Optimization functionality in Fusion, and shows how you can use the results of the simulation to update your design.