Lightweighting with FEA Simulation

For mechanical design, Finite Element Analysis, or FEA, is often the first simulation tool used. FEA allows the designer to determine the mechanical stresses in an object due to a variety of forces. Using this information in conjunction with an understanding of material properties enables engineers to develop robust products with the minimum amount of material. 

By running stress analyses on parts, engineers are able to lightweight designs using Reinforcing Strategies without compromising the structural integrity and performance of the part. This, in turn, makes the part itself more efficient, and often improves the sustainability and performance metrics of the larger system to which the part belongs. 

This can mean a lower environmental impact from resource extraction, manufacturing, transportation, use, and end-of-life, depending on the product.

This video series outlines the process for part Lightweighting using the FEA functionalities offered in Autodesk Fusion 360:

Lightweighting with FEA in Fusion: Part 1

Lightweighting with FEA in Fusion: Part 2