Infigo Microwave

The Infigo Microwave Oven concept by Marshall Jamshidi was awarded first place in the Autodesk, Core77, and iFixit’s “Design for (Your) Product Lifetime” competition for its multifaceted approach to creating a more sustainable appliance that millions of people interact with on a daily basis.  The design proposed improvements including removable panels that can be easily cleaned, more reparable components by using some cutting edge technology, and even the use of custom exteriors for enhanced visual durability.  The whole-system overhaul of the microwave with an eye towards lessons taught in our Design for Durability video showed a strong understanding of many tactics used to create extremely sustainable products.

Project Title: 
Infigo Microwave
Project Designers: 
Marshall Jamshidi
Project Date: 
Jan 2013

Jamshidi communicated his interest in designing for durability by utilizing a five-pronged framework for durability based on our Design for Durability Quick Reference Guide.  This framework helps display how each change made enhances durability and supports sustainable goals.

Kyle Wiens, Co-Founder and CEO of iFixit, commented on the Infigo Microwave, saying, "This idea makes me say 'This is so obvious, why has no one done this?' That's the hallmark of a good design. They combined it with a technical innovation that could dramatically increase safety of repair and increase reliability. That's what great designers do—solve lifecycle problems in intuitive ways that make people's lives better."  The rest of the judges agree.

Read more about Marshall Jamshidi’s Infigo Microwave Oven concept here (PDF)

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