Smarter Phone

The Smarter Phone design concept features a unique folding mechanism for opening the phone and accessing its components.  This is a simple and elegant way to make it easy to both repair and upgrade. 

Project Title: 
Smarter Phone
Project Designers: 
Rocio Garcia Ramos and Bernat Lozano Rabella from Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny de Barcelona in Spain
Project Date: 
Jan 2013

Read an article in GOOD magazine by the design team: about the team's process and final design.

This concept came in Second Place in the Autodesk, Core77, and iFixit’s “Design for (Your) Product Lifetime” competition.  It was one of many for a more modular and reparable cellphone.  This concept demonstrated a good understanding of their product lifecycle and considered other aspects, such as the actual physical mounting of the phone’s components.

The judges were especially impressed with the thought and communication skill that went into the team’s Whole Systems and Lifecycle Thinking diagrams.


While this modular concept goes against the current trends in the cellphone market to ever-thinner glued-together handsets, the students showed great creativity.  Making a phone that works in this way, and also meets user requirements like size and weight, would be no small feat of engineering.  But perhaps this concept would better serve its users and encourages more sustainable behavior.

You can learn more about the team’s Smarter Phone project here [PDF]

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