WAVergy Linear Electric Power Generator

WAVergy – using wave power to generate electricity

A finalist in the “Student Project using Autodesk Fusion 360” category in the second Cradle to Cradle Product Design challenge, WAVergy is a linear generator which uses the motion of the waves to generate electric power, sending electricity to the transformer.  

Project Title: 
Project Designers: 
Tibor Rak, University of Zadar, Croatia
Project Date: 
Jan 2016

Challenge Summary

The goal of the Cradle to Cradle Design Challenge was to eliminate the concept of “waste” by designing products with materials that may be perpetually cycled to retain their value as nutrients to fuel growing global economies.


Design Summary

The design approach for WAVergy was simplicity. Tibor took this approach because it offers many advantages – technically, economically, and environmentally.  There are a variety of advantages for each, but to name just a few – technically, the WAVergy is designed for quick installation and start-up; it function with simple automatization on a single computer; increased production of electricity and greater overall efficiency, due to non-linear design. From an economic  standpoint, a simple design means less maintenance and services required; parts have less wear and tear; low production costs; and inexpensive (recycled plastic) materials. And lastly, virtually every part of this product uses recycled materials, including plastic, rubber, and copper, offering significant environmental benefits.


Autodesk Fusion 360

The below right image shows a 2D drawing produced quickly and easily with Fusion 360.  The image on the left is shows the WAVergy main assembly, showing the coils, magnets and coils stand using direct modeling.  Modeling allows the designer to easily remodel different parts, change the dimensions and shape.  Autodesk Fusion 360 is also great for team work due to the cloud option, saving valuable time.  “After more than 5 years of using varies CAD programs, I can only say – Fusion 360 is the best.” said designer, Tibor.
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