Intention Laundry Detergent Second Life Packaging

A laundry detergent packaging product designed to consider secondary functionality

Finalists in the “Professional using Autodesk Fusion 360” category in the second Cradle to Cradle Product Design challenge, designers, Daniel Penge and Bryan Wong, used Autodesk Fusion 360, to realize that “reuse”, employed as a sustainable design strategy, is often more successful at saving embodied energy and resources than just recycling alone.  After the act of “unboxing“, the package is given a new role, helping to increase the material’s usable life.

Project Title: 
Intention: Laundry Detergent
Project Designers: 
Daniel Penge, Bryan Wong – Industrial Designers
Project Date: 
Jan 2016


Challenge Summary

The goal of the Cradle to Cradle Design Challenge was to eliminate the concept of “waste” by designing products with materials that may be perpetually cycled to retain their value as nutrients to fuel growing global economies.


Design Summary

Intention is a packaging brand designed to consider secondary functionality, avoiding preemptive disposal, post-consumption. Reuse is frequently more successful at saving embodied energy and resources than recycling alone.

Designed to lengthen material lifespan, Intention packaging has the ability to transform into second-life objects, such as a plant pot, a watering can, a trowel, or a vase.


Autodesk Fusion 360

Fusion 360 greatly influenced the design process in this submission and became an imperative tool for digital ideation, especially when working from separate locations.  The designers found that when they had difficulties expressing ideas to one another, Fusion provided evidence and reasoning to support design decisions and initiated constructive conversation. The speed at which they were able to assess product development options was significantly quicker had we only drawn and physically modeled our ideas. By realizing concepts swiftly, they learned which design choices were most successful and which failed. However, the most helpful aspect of Fusion was the ability to measure amounts of material and volumes of liquid. Getting quantified data enabled us to more accurately produce a Material Reutilization Score.


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