Guest “BPA Certificate” Student Blogger – Blog Entry 3 - Ending with Style
Celeste Martinez
February 19, 2016 - 1:31am

Blog article written by Celeste Martinez, Student, CM 132-Advanced Architectural Graphics/Building Informational Modeling, California State University, Fresno (Fresno State University)

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To recap our blog series, we take a look back at day one.  Fresno State’s Advanced Architectural Graphics class was asked to join forces with the Construction Management Sustainability class to create a joint course project. The project focused on enhancing students in programs and software that overall helped strengthen their design and construction/ project management skills. Many of which included Autodesk: Revit, Navisworks, Screencast, and the Building Performance Analysis Certificate Program.

Post completion of any project usually leads to some type of presentation. For this joint course project, we weren’t asked to do your ordinary type of presentation (PowerPoint or poster). To wrap up the semester virtual presentations were implemented to the course to showcase the semester long project. The task was to create a 5-8 minute video featuring walk-throughs, interactive clips, and voice overs. 

How important are presentation styles to your audience?   After taking this course and creating this virtual tour guide presentation, I started to realize the importance. Having a presentation that is innovative and interactive is critical when trying to inform the audience about a topic, while still keeping it visually entertaining. Especially those that are covering such comprehensive material.




This concludes this blog series of Behind the Scenes on the Jordan Ag Research Center Joint Course Project. 
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