Completing BPA Certificate Program – My Experience
Jalay Shukla
September 6, 2016 - 12:33pm


Hi, I am Jalay Shukla.I have done my undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering from Gujarat Technological University, India. I am currently working as a Junior Mechanical Engineer at IMEG Engineering (Previously known as KJWW Engineering) India Pvt Ltd.  

I completed the Building Performance Analysis Certificate program in 2015 during my training periodat IMEG Engineering, which turned to be very beneficial.

For any Mechanical Engineering student who wishes to pursue a career in building engineering services, I would say that this course will provide a practical approach to learning heat transfer fundamentals, and different types of heat loads.  It will help you understand the effects of U-value of a material, orientation of buildings, and other parameters on total building ventilation system.

This course provides hands-on experience of Autodesk Revit software, which is one of the mostused software tools for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) design. Additionally, the course will help you learn to preparea Revit model for energy analysis,& how to use other Autodesk software.  

I was unaware of all the features within Autodesk software when I started,but step-by-step guidelines and tutorials helped me learn and familiarize myself with them.Autodesk’s building performance analysis toolsare really helpful when a project is in an early planning phase, and when we need to decide optimum strategy to counter building energy consumption.  Learning and using the right tools to know which factors affect the most in building energy consumption is a very important thing.

This course also has many case studies. The time and effort that Autodesk hasinvested to find these case studies needs to be appreciated.  These case studies provide real-world problems, challenges that designers were facing, and their thought processes and solutions to counter those problems.

I am thankful to Autodesk for offering the free BPA Certificate Program, and I am glad to be a BPA Guru.